Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Canada-Kicks! We work hard every day to make the sneaker and streetwear community better for Canada. Please take the time to read through our guid to help you get started!


Step 1: Create a FREE Account

Create a FREE account by clicking Register at the top of the page. For mobile users, activate the site menu to reveal the register button. Users will always be able to use our platform for free, and will never be asked to donate. As a user, you will have the option of purchasing advertising for your listings, or for your profile.


Step 2: Build your Profile

Canada-Kicks is platform designed to allow members to build credibility through experience. Complete your profile by navigating to your profile page:

(Once logged in, navigate to the top right and hover over your name (click profile image on mobile). Then click on the My Profile link.)


From here, you will be adding a profile photo by clicking Change Profile Photo on your profile navigation (second menu visible). You can also change your cover image by clicking on Change Cover Image (if on mobile you will have to scroll the menu horizontally).


You will also want to add general information so other members know a little about you. Add a short bio, this is typically just some notes sellers want to pass onto buyers.


Congratulations, you are now officially a member of Canada-Kicks!


Step 3: Change Preferences

There are a few more settings you should be aware of. First, Canada-Kicks sends email notifications, and by default they are all set to active. By navigating to Settings in your profile section (mobile users will have to horizontally scroll the menu for the Settings tab to appear). Once on the Settings tab, there will be another menu visible below it. Click on Email and modify your notification preferences.


Known Bug: Mobile users will not be able to modify their email settings from their phone at this time. We are working on fixing this bug, but in the mean time, any mobile users who need to change their email settings are encouraged to either open a support ticket, or to message the official Canada-Kicks account. We will be more than happy to make the changes for you.


On the same settings tab, you will also find Privacy Settings. When you click on this you will be able to change who is able to view your profile. You can choose between Everyone, Logged in Users, or Friends.


Step 4: Sending your first message

Once you’ve found an item of interest, you can message the seller to learn more, including what consignment store they can find it at. To message a seller, you must first be logged in. On the items page, there will be button at the top that reads Message. You will be taken to your messages with a pre-addressed message ready for you to type. If you want to message a user without viewing their items, you can do so right from their profile (button is also at the top). Alternatively, you can navigate to Messages (Hover or click on your profile image or name, and click Messages) and click the plus button on the top left corner to compose a new message. You can add multiple friends to the chat, and the recipient will be notified by email.


Step 5: Adding your first listing

If you would like to be a seller on Canada-Kicks, all you need to do is click Add Listing at the top of your screen (mobile users: activate the side menu and button is at the bottom). You can select the type of item you are listing, and then can go forward into adding product details and adding images.  Once you’ve added an item, you can manage your listings by navigating to My Lisitings by hovering or clicking on your name or profile picture, and then clicking on My Listings. On the My Listings page, you can edit, delete, and promote your listings, as well as checking up on performance statistics.


Thats it! You’ve created a full profile on Canada-Kicks and can now start building a name for yourself within this community! If you ever need help, feel free to open a support ticket, or message the official Canada-Kicks account and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


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